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Inside our structure you can also find the tasting room, a space specially created to allow you to taste all the farm products and the excellence of the valley.

Our sausages of black Borghigiano pork (salami, bacon, coppa, ham, salted pork and strolghino) beef bresaola and goat violins.

The first courses, with our production and artisanal pasta topped with meat sauce, wild boar, nuts, sausage and porcini mushrooms IGP  red sauce with porcini mushrooms IGP, vegetarian lasagna, meat sauce, porcini mushrooms IGP, pesto and other condiments made available from time to time im from our garden.
The main courses of high-quality Angus beef and blue Belgian, pig and black pig of Parma, rabbit, wild boar, venison and chicken, accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables, raw or cooked, polenta, platters of cheeses and accompaniments of honey, and chutneys products within the company.

The dessert, sweet panna cotta with fruit jellies, fresh fruit pies and jam, all prepared with farm products.

The menu is basic at a cost of € 25.00, is fixed and based on the availability of the farm and consists of  first course and a main course with vegetables, water , dessert, coffee, bread and the taste of an elixir of our production, or € 32,00 with the addition of starter, fruit and house wine



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